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Every college and university needs volunteers and donations to help make it possible to keep providing transportation for each school..

About our program

Why we help

Our goal is to provide a safer way for our college and university students to travel to and from the places, they go to party or drink. “In the preceding year, nearly half of underage students with access to a car drove after having anything to drink and one in five drove while intoxicated,” said [University of Maryland Center on Young Adult Health and Development Director] Amelia M. Arria. “

Our history

Our program was founded in South Florida in 2002 at Lynn University, FAU, and PBCC when our founder heard about his friends packing 7 people into a car with a drunk driver who crashed in to oncoming traffic killing all the passengers and the passenger in the car they struck. He was at a loss and realized something had to be done to stop this from happening to anyone else.

List of our volunteers


Thank you to all the people who have put there time and energy into make this program possible.

Shane Wahner

Operations Director

Chris Cota

Brand Director

Aaron Patterson

Campus Director

Daniel Patterson

Security Director